Friday, May 13, 2011

I Wear my Sunglasses at Night.....

....and when it rains, and in the metro...
This look is a FAILURE of EPIC proportions. This has to be the douchiest of all fashion choices that some one makes. It completely blows my mind why anyone, much less a NOBODY wears sunglasses in the metro, that is underground, away from the sun!
You are not P. Diddy or Victoria are not being blinded by the paparazzi camera flashes, so please do yourself a favor and TAKE THEM OFF WHEN YOU ARE INSIDE, or don't be surprised if you see me and I pull them off you face.
**I have no relation to the douche bag in the picture**

Hot Yoga

A while back I started Hot Yoga at Yoga Lounge Montreal and it definitely changed my life and outlook on things. This is basically traditional yoga but practiced in a room that's heated to 40 degrees Celsius.
I always though yoga would be VERY easy, but it's one on the hardest and best work outs I have ever tried because you are using every single muscle in you body, and that's on top of the heat in the room which makes you sweat an incredible amount. The more you get used to the heat and the poses, the easier it becomes and you also carry the practices into your everyday life. I suffer from anxiety, but when I feel an attack coming on, I just practice my yoga breathing and I instantly feel better.
The sweating that occurs during hot yoga helps to flush the toxins out of your body, once all those toxins are flushed out you feel EXTREME guilt at stuffing your face with junk. So in turn that also changed the way I eat, I now prefer more healthy, organic foods.
I really recommend this practice to everyone, I promise you won't regret trying it!

Summer in the City

Bonjour Lovlies!
After a long hiatus, I'm back! And I'm back with a vengence!
Summer is ALMOST here, and with that it bring tons and tons of fashion DON'Ts! I can't wait to post all the mistakes that I see around Montreal. My inner paparazzi is sure to come out! LOL!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking Fierce at the Gym!

How can it put this politely? But why must girls insist on wearing grey baggy sweat pants to the gym? Grossness!! It just adds about 15 pounds to your frame. Your are not doing anyone any favors, especially yourself. AND the people around you just threw up in their mouths a bit.

Fashion is all about creating illusions and hiding what doesn't look good, not ACCENTUATING it.

Now, ladies, BURN those fug ass sweats, and get your soon to be fabulous booty down to Lululemon or La Senza Spirt or any other sports sport and buy yourselves and nice pair of yoga pants (surprisingly they are not just for yoga!) and a cute top. Trust me, you'll thank me later ;)


Well, she did it again!! Victoria Beckham has caused another stir with her haircut! And let me say: I LOVE IT!!! Gone is the pixie, to be replaced by face framing waves. She, as always, looks spectacular!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"But I'm Not MOTIVATED!!"

**SIGH** if I had a quarter for every time I heard that phrase, I'd be VERY rich indeed! Let me give you a bit of background....
About four months ago, I decided to do something about my health and get into tip top shape, therefore I hired a personal trainer at my gym. These four months have been life changing! Let me tell you, it was the BEST INVESTMENT EVER! It was also the easiest thing I have ever done in my life. I wasn't obese, but I was bordering on being VERY unhealthy, therefore I decided to stop complaining and actually do something about it. I lost 20 pounds, and with it, all my "fat" clothes, I couldn't even believe I ever wore clothes that big. In the process, I also regained my self-esteem.

Now, along the way, a lot of people have commented on my weight loss and how I ever got the motivation to go to the gym...well let me tell you a little secret: Mr. motivation will not come and knock on your door, while you are watching TV and stuffing your face with ice cream!! You will NEVER get motivated that way! Motivation will come once you step on that tread mill and you actually start seeing a difference. Trust me, I was the least motivated person EVER, I complained about the way I looked, but one day I decided ENOUGH!! Shit or get off the pot! No, more complaining for moi!
20 lbs later and I have never felt better. Sure, I changed how I eat, but really, does some one need to eat McDonald's twice a week (or ever for that matter??) Sure once in awhile I'll indulge, I am only human...but after you change your lifestyle you'll notice that you don't even want that Caramel Corretto WITH whip cream from Second Cup, or that steak and cheese sub. I just upped my fruit and veggies intake and let me tell you I AM REAPING the benefits. My skin and hair have never looked better! And I have never had so much energy! It's amazing!
Now on to the motivation part of getting the weight off and staying in shape. Motivation will come when:
1 - you step on the scale for the first you like that number?

2 - when you actually get to the gym (or outside) and start moving your behind and realize that you can actually do it - humans are surprisingly strong and sturdy, we won't break if we lift a few weights.

3 - when you realize those pants don't fit any more cause they are just TOO BIG!

4 - when you realize that you can't shop at plus size stores anymore cause everything there is too big (I was on the border of this - i refused to get anything in these stores, but in all other stores, I was taking their biggest size, and forget about the GAP! Now I'm a size 8 at the GAP, a store that is notorious for their small sizing!)

And don't tell me that you are short in cash and can't afford a gym membership. Most gym allow you to pay in monthly installments and that won't break the bank. My brother wasn't working when he was younger and saved up his allowance to pay the monthly fee of $28. 28$!! that's nothing! that's a meal at a restaurant!!

So please, next time you say that you are not motivated, get up off the couch go for a walk, pop in a fitness DVD....i GUARANTEE you the motivation will come, and if it doesn't, email me, and I'll give you all the motivation you need. And if that doesn't help maybe this will, obesity kills, you don't wanna be a statistic do you?? And remember that every journey starts with a single step!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Smile!! It confuses people :-)

So, I work with the most miserable people that i ever had the misfortune of meeting. They never smile and look like they would rather be retired. Basically we are known as the department where people go before they retire. They are such a miserable lot that it would literally make your head spin. THEY NEVER SMILE!! We actually had to have a meeting to tell people to smile more often! imagine that! A MEETING ON SMILING!! I like to say good morning to people that I see in the office and smile but when I do, they just look at me like I sprouted a second head...maybe it's the use of my brightly colored clothing....or maybe they are not used to seeing someone who looks like they spent more than 3 minutes getting ready for work. Maybe I should just remind them that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. When I'm they're age I want happy wrinkles and not a saggy face from all the frowning! ICK!!!

So I'm going to start a new trend: SMILING!! When someone opens a door for you, the cashier at the supermarket, the barrista at Starbucks: hold your head high, look them in they eyes and give them a smile. Hey! it can either confuse them, or make their day, and in this economy, smiles are free :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


What happens when you want a pair of classic shoes and all they have are the trendiest and latest models?? Annoyance! That's what happens. I'm looking for a simple pair of black leather pumps with a 3inch+ heel and a hidden platform. I went into my favorite shoes store, ALDO shoes and all I was faced with were 100 different variations of the gladiator sandal. Although they are GORGEOUS shoes, I'm not really feeling them for moi and I just need and regular pair of shoes that will not go out of style next season :(

I know there are 100s of shoe stores out there, but I'm a bit disappointed in ALDO because it was THE shoe store that i ALWAYS went to and they never let me down...until now....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Must Haves

Since we are on the topic of purses, let me just give you some pieces of advice. Throw away all those purses that are in the back of your closet!! You will never need more than 4 purses for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

1-Winter: either black or brown...i prefer black as it matches with everything. Guess make some very nice pieces that you can re-use for many winters.

2-Summer: either beige or off-white, NEVER white, as it is too cliche, you will be very upset when it gets dirty 5 minutes after you leave your house with it for the very first time. Please see post below for an excellent summer purse. But if you don't want to break the bank just yet, then once again I recommend Guess as they are relatively inexpensive and last a long time.

3-Spring/Fall: For both fall and spring we can use the same purse. I wouldn't go for black and I wouldn't go for a light color either. Personally, this is when I bring out my Vuittons. The weather is just perfect as there is no snow/ice/slush on the ground, so their is no chance of falling while holding a purse that is very dear to me. And also the weather is not so hot that you won't get all sweaty and stain your purse. If you are tight on money then I would recommend using your winter purse until the beginning of June as black goes with everything, then once the temperature reaches the 20s, switch to your summer purse. Then as the weather starts to cool down again swath back to your winter purse.

4-Evening purse: honestly, you only need ONE evening purse for the rest of your life. Keep it simple, make it a clutch and make sure it's black. I bought a black clutch 5 years ago, its classic snakeskin and goes with everything, and I didn't need another one since. If you go to a party people are going to be interested in you and what you are wearing, not your purse :)

Must Haves

One of the must have bags of the summer has to be the Galliera PM bag by Louis Vuitton. It's the right size to fit just about everything you would need for the day. For those that want the luxury of Louis Vuitton, but don't like the brown bags with the interlocking LV, then this bag with the Damier Azur canavas is for you. The Damier Azur pattern is a classic Vuitton pattern, but very understated. It's from their 2009 cruise collection and it is just stunning. The light grey and beige make it very summery and if you just want one summer purse that you will keep for decades then this is it!!! Think of it as an investment!